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Spryer's Ascend: The Professional Development Journey║60-day Workbook & Planner

Spryer's Ascend: The Professional Development Journey║60-day Workbook & Planner

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👔 Embark on an extraordinary journey towards a more accomplished professional you with Spryer's Ascend: The Leadership & Collaboration Journey - Workbook & Planner!

This unique workbook comes with a built-in 60-day planner, focusing on leadership skills, teamwork & collaboration, critical thinking, presentation skills, and professional branding. All this while keeping you on track with weekly skills-building activities, professional development challenges (for rewards), and a gamified structure designed to help you reach your career goals 🚀.

Unlock your potential for a successful professional life with Spryer! Stay motivated with daily workplace quotes and advice, connect with ambitious like-minded individuals, and win rewards by joining our Discord group and working through your planner 🎁! Simply scan the QR code at the back of your planner.

Embrace your professional goals and maintain momentum with 60 days of career advancement activities. The challenge towards a more accomplished and successful professional you starts now! 🏆

**Try us for 30-days, and if you're not completely satisfied, we'll provide a 100% refund, no questions asked!

Skill(s) Focus: Leadership, Teamwork & Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Presentation Skills, Professional Branding.

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