Comfort for your care, through our "Spryer Crates"

Living with anxiety feels lonely and overwhelming.

Spryer Crates are personalized wellness packages that contain wellness plans, tools, and resources desgined to bring comfort into your life!

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A simple process

In just a few clicks, your personalized Spryer Crate is delivered straight to your door. A couple (or dozen) less errands to run when it comes to taking care of yourself.

Our packages are designed with the help of experts (psychotherapists, psychiatrists) and backed by the latest research.

If the Spryer Crate doesn't bring you comfort & empowerment; we'll take it back for a 100% refund!

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Beyond medicine, self-care is vital when battling mental health.

No matter who you are, it's important to bring comfort into your healthcare.

We know you're frustrated, confused and scared...

Spryer Crate's will help by

Saving you time

You'll save on time by eliminating the time it takes to accumulate resources, tools, and the education to learn wellness and self-management skills!

Providing you with education

Our research-backed Crate provides you with education so that you can understand your anxiety, and why it's important to take care of yourself.

Providing a personalized experience

You're our top priority, therefore, when buildong the Crate - we personalize it to your set of challenges or symptoms!

Using science to formulate our Crates

Our wellness plans are developed by our team of mental health experts and Crate tools and resources are backed by research.

Saving you money

While we do not serve as a replacement, going to therapy or medical treatment can be expensive.

We offer low cost tools, resources, and wellness plans designed in consultation with experts.

  • It's Extremely Time Consuming

    Has your chronic illness diagnoses made it difficult for you to spend time with family, enjoy work, and taken away your leisure time? We’ll do all the work for you. Collect resources and tools, build wellness plans, and provide you with support. All you have to do is bring comfort into your healthcare!

  • Understanding Medical Jargon is Difficult

    Chronic illness is now a part of your life, but are you lost, confused, and feeling scared? Not knowing what is going on with your body is difficult, therefore our Crate’s provide you with the basic education by avoiding medical jargon to empower you on this new journey.

  • Collecting the right Resources is Overwhelming

    Medical intervention is important and needed, though when it comes to self-management, are you struggling to find the right set of resources that work for you? Spryer does the research and manufacturing to ship the right set of resources, tools, and wellness plans straight to your door!

  • Taking Care of Yourself is Extremely Expensive

    Economic instability is a silent killer. While there are an abundant number resources, tools, and wellness items available - not everyone has an equal access to them. Spryer strives to ensure that structural and systemic barriers are eliminated when it comes to allowing people to live healthy and happy lives.

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What makes Spryer a good choice for you?

  • Why not purchase any self-care package?

    Most self-care packages in the market tend to be generic and expensive, and items in these packages are not optimial for your experience. Our team self-care packages tailored to your individual needs to help provide comfort in your battle against chronic illness.

  • Why Spryer Crates are important in addition to medical treatment?

    While medical treatment is essential and needed, Spryer Crates act as a crutch for self-management, as that is a vital part of managing and thriving with chronic illness.

  • What other benefits do Spryer Crates provide?

    The Spryer Crates provide comfort in a care package. What does that mean? We provide you with the ultimate package that entails trusted education, resources, tools and activities tailored to your needs.

  • What's the difference between Standard and Custom Spryer Crates?

    The Standard Spryer Crates serves better as a gift to yourself or a loved on suffering with Chronic Illness. The Custom Spryer Crates serves better as a tool to allow yourself to cope with your chronic illness with care and comfort.